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    Find your name in the news, online and in social media streams.
    Online news monitoring offers comprehensive coverage, accuracy, and timely delivery of news clips on companies, products, brands, issues, and competitors for corporate reputation management, press release tracking, marketing communications and competitive intelligence.
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    Online News Monitoring Service will collect clips about you.

    • Comprehensive media coverage
    • Full text, recordings, and images
    • Accurate news clipping
    • Quick clip delivery
    • Unlimited access to reports
  • Find news about your company name or brand online instantly

AboveWater News Clips provides you or your company with an affordable, scalable system to store, search and analyze television news clips and published articles in newspapers, magazines, and other periodicals that appear online.

Access all of your Digital Media information through our simple search form. You can search quickly and accurately by keyword, date range, story type, category and more.

Reputation Management is finding news about your name or brand instantly.

As news happens, organizations publish more frequently on the Internet than in broadcast media. News stories appears online first. Comments in social media can make or break a company. Why do you need instant news clips from AboveWater News Clippings instead of Google Alerts? We dig deeper, using all search engines, not only Google.

Better, Faster, Less Costly

AboveWater’s worldwide news monitoring service is less costly than traditional press clipping services with a fixed monthly fee and no per clip fee.


Delivered clips are relevant with no duplicates.

Timely in a Crisis

Public Relations pros and savvy business owners understand the need for timely clips so you can respond effectively in crisis situations.

Easy Clip Management

Digital clip storage for easy sorting, search and measurement.

Convenient Service

One-stop, fully-integrated news monitoring by AboveWater includes responsive customer service staff members.