More Media Clips for Less and No Annual Contract

February 24th, 2015

Hi, I own a PR firm and got tired of the endless calls and e-mails from vendors who would walk me through a tutorial, convince me they could solve all media monitoring challenges, and then charge enormous fees and hold me to a long term contract. So I solved my own problem and hopefully, can solve yours, too.

Capture more clips (for less money) to show the value of your public relations activities for your clients. PR practitioners struggle to provide measurable results to clients. ROI is more important than ever and we can capture this information today.

  •  More effective reputation management
  • Media monitoring customized to your specific requirements
  • Round-the-clock service for Crisis PR
  • Seamless delivery of reports delivered under your firm’s name


For each news source, the monitoring report provides the site’s web rank, news rank, impressions and print circulation, including reach and trends.


Benefits for You


  • Fewer missed clips
  • Unlimited search terms, easy to change
  • Choose how long you need to monitor – no long term contract
  • Monitors more news each day
  • Immeasurably faster and more accurate
  • A happy client!


I will not be calling you out of respect for your valuable time, so call 239-825-4342 if you are interested or visit the website at