PR Pros

PR Pros
Public Relations practitioners have struggled to provide measurable results to clients in the past. Return on investment is more important than ever and we can capture this information today.

Capture more clips (at less cost) to better demonstrate the value of public relations activities on behalf of your clients.

  • More effective reputation management
  • Convenience of media monitoring customized to your specific requirements
  • Automated monitoring and reading
  • Round-the-clock service for PR crisis

Seamless delivery of reports delivered under your firm’s name.

This less costly option monitors more news each day and is immeasurably faster and more accurate. The overall result is a happy client.

PR Pros
Detailed Readership Data

For each news source, the monitoring report provides the site’s web rank, news rank, total national opportunities to see (equivalent of print impressions), and print circulation, including reach and trends.

Benefits for You
  • Fewer missed clips
  • Automated software doesn’t miss clips that human readers do
  • Ability to monitor more publications than could be done manually
  • PLUS:
  • Custom software to eliminate unwanted versions of words
  • Triple filtering of all clips
  • Unlimited search terms, easy to change