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AboveWater News Clips makes it easy to capitalize on the investment of media monitoring.

Same Day or Overnight Delivery – E-mail, Website, XML

AboveWater delivers clips when you want them:

  • Once each morning before start of business
  • More often throughout the business day
  • Weekly or month’s end

Clips arrive via e-mail. Delivery formats including Word, Excel, and XML files.


  • Be completely up to date on published information about your company and its products
  • Gain earlier insight to developing issues, enabling you to respond quicker and more effectively
  • No additional cost for urgent delivery
Electronic Storage and Search

AboveWater News Clips service includes a password-protected digital database containing the full-text of all your clips for as long as you are a client. No special software required. Organized into easy-to-use folders that you specify, you can effortlessly review, sort, search, annotate, cross-reference, and circulate your clips. Convert all of your ‘hard media’ to a digital file which can be stored here, or through any other means.

  • Anytime, anywhere access to all your clips by anyone you authorize
  • Hassle-free clip management
  • Time-saving electronic searches for much faster clip retrieval
  • Faster, better data mining
  • Easily sort clips by date, publication, author name, subject
  • Drastically reduce paper-handling and storage
  • Improve media measurement